Eleven Indian Women Win Women Icon Award

Eleven Indian women are among the 25 Asian ladies who have won the Women Icons award in Singapore for dedicating their lives to social work.

Vandana Sharma, who served for a decade in the Indian Armed Forces, broke several stereotypes around Women in Uniform and ventured into the corporate world.

Speaking after the awards, Sharma said she mentors a lot of young start-up founders on building effective organisations.

The aim is to drive a more productive environment and culture within constraint environments at startups, said Sharma, who is currently the chief people officer at HolidayIQ and comes from a family of officers in the Indian Armed Forces.

Keeping with her Women Empowerment campaign is Revathi Siddharthe Roy, who holds a Masters in Economics degree but drove taxi for 10 months in Mumbai to support her family after her husband died in 2007.

Roy now runs a training school, Zaffiro Learning, for women to learn to ride two-wheelers and serve as “last mile” delivery person for e-commerce companies.

Other winners were: Dr Aparna Hegde of ARMMAN, Deepshikha Kumar of SpeakIn, Kanika Gupta Shori of Square Global, Minal DRozario of Ideosphere, Mini Dwivedi Gopinathan of PlayStreet Specially Abled Educare Trust, Saloni Mardia Kothari of Mtlexs Online, Sonia Kulkarni of Ketchum Sampark PR, and Swati Nathani of Team Pumpkin.

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